Hello world,

well break is over and slowly reality has started to show its ugly face once again. Over break I honestly did not get as much done as I would of liked. I didn’t have the resources in order to really be efficient with my work and do what I wanted.Yes, Yes, I know that’s an excuse, but it’s true. Anyways.Since being back I have had my review, which went great and really gave me a lot of great pointers and things to do this semester and one of those objectives was to create an animatic. This allows me to plot out and time the entire animation and also allows me to show others my vision and allow a composer to help me with the soundtrack.


Choice Update

I finally was able to get the music to work and also made some small changes to the stages. So chekc out the latest and greatest version of CHOICE

THe game has been uploaded

  It is here. in life and with everything we are given choices and as a result we must go to many different paths.The choices are there . What will be yours?

Here is the link

I have had a few issues with music as this is a known issue with stencyl, but further iterations of the game will have music if possible but until then.Enjoy

Game Update 2

well the game is coming along pretty nicely so far I been playing around with some various sprite animations. Thought I post my latest

gif maker
gif maker

Game Update

Making some more progress on my final game have a few more actors and scenes done.Check out the screens below

Game progress

So far I have the first act the main character and some tiles and other actors done, I have much to do still . and really like the flow chart style of game mechanic for the game.

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Final Game Sketch

here are some sketches of concepts for my final game.ENJOY